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Fun (Low to No Cost) Activities to Do With Kids During Winter Break

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

This is the first year in my kids’ lives that they will be home the entire winter break. No trips to grandparents’ houses, no vacations; but we will have a bunch of time to spend together at home. For that, we are all very grateful. Given all this time, I hope to do some fun things with them (and away from screens as much as possible). Here are some ideas:

Puzzles & Games:

  • Jigsaws - whether online or tangible puzzles, jigsaws are always fun to do together.

  • Set up a scavenger hunt around the house.

  • Make up a new game. Here’s one we have been playing a lot: Addagram - start with one letter that spells a word or a two letter word. The next person adds a letter to the word and anagram the letters as you build. Take turns as the word lengthens. For example: A, PA, TAP, TAPE… The goal is to make the longest word you can!

  • Free Lego Mini-build. Each month, Lego has a mini build with free instructions online. What a great way to use the ones that are just sitting around!

  • Play some of our favorite games virtually with Board Game Arena.

  • Book a Virtual Puzzle Solving Session with a group of friends at Solving Fun.

Virtual Escape Rooms:

  • Puzzah, a company that does real escape rooms, has created a very fun (free) winter holiday puzzle adventure for kids online.

  • Suburban Mom has an entire list that we love! Most have been made by kids for kids. Recommended ages are listed (from preschool to teens).

Outdoor Activities:

  • Hiking

  • Snow play

  • Decorate an outdoor tree.

  • Create a bird feeder with a toilet paper roll, bird seed, and peanut butter or try one of these holiday themed ones.

  • Go for a walk and play some of the games shared in “4 Ways to Make a Family Walk More Fun”.

Creative baking: Try making something sweet that looks like something savory.

  • Baked potato cakes,

  • Hamburger cookies,

  • Pizza Rice Krispie treats.