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My Favorite Jigsaws for Kids & Adults

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Maybe it’s about being in control or easing stress and taking my mind off everything else? Whatever it is, I’m hooked and am excited to share about some of my favorite puzzle makers.

There are so many jigsaw puzzle companies out there. Some of the jigsaw puzzles I have solved have been great, while others had pieces that were bent or with peeling corners that were hard to put together. When you want a quality puzzle, with beautiful art, pieces that fit together well, and are sturdy enough to complete multiple times (I love to share puzzles with friends and family), there are a few standout companies that I think are worth sharing.

Everyday Jigsaw Puzzles

My favorite company to order my everyday jigsaw puzzles is Galison. Their puzzles are reasonably priced ($8-$35), the pieces are high quality (easy to put together and take apart without bending), and they have so many images, sizes, and types to choose from. Galison’s website is easy to navigate, with the ability to sort by difficulty level, and each puzzle has customer reviews to help with making decisions for which to buy. There are so many great options to choose from!

I just discovered WerkShoppe, a jigsaw puzzle company that focuses as much on the art as the puzzles. I ordered one because they are incredibly beautiful and look like they are well made. The art is all created by emerging and established artists and are turned into jigsaw puzzles ($29-$34). I can’t wait for mine to arrive!