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We create puzzles, activities, and games focused on perseverance and creative problem solving for kids. Solving Fun was created by an educator and a game designer with the belief that joyful challenges lead to engaged learning. Our passion is making solving FUN!

Puzzle hunts are a fun way to bring your community together and get off screens. Looking to bring a hunt to your area? We love creating custom hunts for groups of any size. Just email us!


What is a Puzzle Hunt?

Scavenger Hunt + Puzzles 

  • Collaborate with friends and family to solve puzzles.

  • Filled with a variety of wordplay, logic, math, reasoning, and creative thinking. 

  • Find clues by solving puzzles.

  • Clues lead to locations (in person or virtual).

  • Put together clues and solve a meta puzzle for final answer(s).

"This was one of the best activities our family has participated in. I am eternally grateful for City of Palo Alto and Solving Fun for helping us get our two teenage daughters off screens and outside. We solved the puzzles together and we biked to the parks to find the clues together. Thanks for giving us a very enjoyable month of family weekend activities. I am quite sad that it came to an end and will look forward to next year's edition!"






Perfect activity for a plane ride or to bring along for a day at the beach.

on ALL PRODUCTS - no code needed



Fun travel companion. No screens, no pencils, just fun thinking in a book.

Easy to download and print. Great for a rainy day to solve with friends.


Want more? Download the other months here. Check out our Pal Printables in our shop where you can find printable pages of previous puzzles for a minimal cost.


Welcome to our puzzle pages! Click on the Pal Printable Page below to download FREE. Check back each month for a new Pal Printable.


This wonderful puzzle pack is great for all ages. It comes in an actual beach pail filled with objects that each have a unique puzzle. It includes a range of beach themed content and varied skills. Contents include real sunglasses, beverage cup, shovel, shells and more. Paper puzzles in the shapes of starfish, sand dollars, flip flops and more add to the solving fun.


"These games are great for all kids. They keep kids engaged in thinking - and off screens!" - Yael

"Thank you so much for hosting a fantastic birthday party for us.  The puzzles were so creative and fun, and at a perfect difficulty for their age group. We loved all the ways the event was customized for our daughter.  And you did a great job including and encouraging all of the children.  Everyone has been telling us what a great time they had, and Amber absolutely loved it!"
- Roger & Angela


"Thanks for the session! My daughter had a ball. Adult puzzles have been too hard in the past." - Michelle

"They've been at it ever since they opened the puzzle cards tonight and now they don't want to go to bed." - Johanna

"Solving fun is exactly what the name implies, a fun way to learn and or teach problem solving skills across a myriad of subjects: math, science, reading comprehension, history and more. It makes learning and applying that learning FUN!" - Joshua

Chris Cross - Pal

"Your puzzles are always the right blend of tricky, but not impossible for our family. Thank you for making a product that the whole family can enjoy together. Well done!" - Wendy 

"I ordered the "Beach Mini Pack" and the "Puzzle Cards". All I can say is that they were a BIG HIT with the kids." - Evy

Find more on our testimonials page.

"We LOVED our Chanukah puzzle pack last year. It is so amazing to me how much each night's puzzle enriched our family's Chanukah experience. We saved it to play again this year. You really hit it out of the park with that set.

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