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Finding Answers Together

Team Building Takeout


Solving Fun is excited to provide team-building experiences for any size group (think “escape room” in a box). They are filled with creative thinking, mystery, and unique puzzles; sure to make everyone laugh, twist their brains, and have fun as they collaborate!


  • Great for corporations, schools, non-profits, museums, community centers, and others 

  • Hands on printed materials and packaging included

  • 1-2 hour session (adjusted for your needs)

  • No preparation required

  • Price beginning at $35 per person

  • In person (San Francisco Bay Area only) or online facilitation available

Lunchbox closeup.png

What's Inside


This was a lot of fun for me. I literally am changing the way I work and go about my life. Taking time, breathing and thinking through things before taking action is something I forget about doing. And it makes me want to do more puzzles now.

- Troy M.

What People are Saying

I love the game and I have yet to finish solving it. Thank you again for being part of our team challenge. I want to do another one soon!

-Michelle C.

Loved the theme of the lunchbox, and using real lunch boxes & cups to pull that off! You thought you were having lunch and it turns out you're a spy. This was an engaging way to get to know my team mates in a social way.


Solving the puzzles is really challenging, but it's also very exciting every time after I found the answer. Thank you!

- Ningwei L.

This was incredible! It must have taken so much work to put this all together. I love puzzles, and I'm so impressed with the quality and creativity. Thank you so much for doing this! It was truly amazing!

- Kevin M.

Super creative and unique concept, thank you for sharing with us!! Challenging, mind bender puzzles that make you hungry and also get you thinking in ways you haven't in a while.

-Ellie M.

Super clever theme & packaging! Very fun!

-Jennifer P.


Yes! Whether you're planning an event for your office, family, friends, classroom, city, or special occasion, we can create a customized puzzle hunt your group will love.

My company is looking for a teambuilding experience, would this work?

My guests have a wide range of skill levels, can you accommodate this?

Yes! Puzzles are meant to be solved together. Everyone brings a different perspective and skill set, no matter their level of  experience. With our facilitation, we have a great deal of experience of providing appropriate hints along the way.

How far in advance do I need to book this?

Spots fill up quickly, but we'd love to accommodate you. Please email us so we can find a spot for your team.

Please email us to discuss your needs.

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