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Common Solving Techniques


Most of the Solving Fun activities aren’t traditional crosswords or jigsaws, and may be different than the types of zlepuzs solvers are used to. Solvers may not know where to begin or may get stuck along the way. Here are some common solving techniques you can encourage solvers to try.

1. Look for words that are bolded or italicized.
2. Sound out images to convert to words.
3. Take the first letter of a series of words.
4. Anagram jumbled letters to create words.
5. Look for patterns (alphabetize, number order, rainbow order, categories).
6. Convert numbers to letters 1-26 A=1, B=2.
7. Put things in order by length or size.
8. Decode (morse code, symbols, flags).

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Asset 35.png
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Asset 35.png
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Asset 35.png
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Asset 35.png
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