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Welcome to Solving Fun Shares Kids

Marcy and Hillary, the founders of Solving Fun, created this blog as a place for kids to share their excitement about puzzles, activities, and games. We plan to have kids write the blog posts so that topics are what you are excited to read. Before kids begin sharing their ideas, we want to share a little bit with you about Solving Fun.

We started Solving Fun because we love to stretch our brains. At Solving Fun, we create puzzles, activities, and games focused on perseverance and creative problem solving for kids. The company was created by an educator and a game designer in early 2020 with the belief that joyful challenges lead to engaged learning. Our passion is making solving FUN.

Our Solving Fun Puzzle Pals are characters developed on kids we know and love. They are all talented in very different ways. Each pal has strengths, challenges, and interests. Some are athletic, musical, creative, and mathematical. Some struggle with making friends, while others are super social. Their ideas and opinions are as varied as their confidence levels. The Pals’ differences are what makes this community amazing. Who’s your favorite Pal?

We love to solve lots of different types of puzzles. Solving Fun doesn’t focus on one type of puzzle, but anything and everything that twists our brains! You may have a favorite puzzle and that is great! We encourage you to keep doing those, and try some of our other activities that may make your brain work differently. After a few tries - you may love them, too!

Solving Fun recently added a kids’ section on our website so that there is a place just for you. Many of the links require a sign-in. Please be sure to ask for parent permission before signing up. It’s free and you will get to solve logic puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, collect Pencil Points and more.

Each week, we add a free logic puzzle to our home page. Give them a try!

We can't wait to hear your ideas and see your creations. Have an idea for a blog post or a puzzle? Send it to us at!

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