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6 of My Favorite Games

One of my favorite things to do is play games. These are six of my favorite that involve strategy. They were submitted based on how much strategy they included, and also how much fun they are. Some of my favorite games were not included because of the low strategy. I tried not to include video games, but some were too good not to include. All of these games are really fun, and I recommend giving them a shot.

#1 on my list is Aqualin. My recommended age 9+ This game is a two player game involving 36 tiles you move around the board. If you get a lot of a certain type together you gain points, but your opponent gets points from other sets of tiles so you have to be careful.

#2 on my list is Settlers of Catan. My recommended age 8+ This game is a 3-4 player game, but plays best with 3. The board has a lot of hexagon tiles which all have numbers on them. You have to put houses and roads in the right places, then hope the dice ended up with a number you put a house on. Also trading cards is heavily encouraged to help people get the resources they need faster than normal. First to ten points wins.

#3 is Among Us. My recommended age 8+ This game is basically Spaceship Mafia. The crewmates try to do tasks while the impostors try to kill the crewmates. The impostors can sabotage things to give the crewmates a tough time, but if they are seen doing something suspicious they will probably be ejected from the ship. You can play random strangers on the internet, with friends, or with a combination of random strangers and friends.

#4 on my list is Bloons Tower Defense 6 My recommended age 8+. This mobile game is a great example of a tower defense game, because it can be played one player, or up to 4 players, Each of your towers have multiple upgrade paths with multiple upgrades in them, and only one path can be fully maxed out. There are different enemies so you need a combination of towers that can each destroy different things coming at you. With over 20 towers, this game is very fun, and also requires some strategy.

#5 on my list is Decrypto. My recommended age 10+ This is a 4 player game where you have to clue words to your teammate, but not give away what those words are to your opponents. Also you can guess what your opponents words are to give them a penalty.

#6 on my list is Clash Royale. My recommended age 8+This game is a mobile app that connects to random users online, or can be played with friends. You have to build a deck of eight cards with the cards in your collection that shuffle through. When you play one it goes to the bottom of the deck. The goal is to defeat your enemies towers with the troops you spawn from your cards. There also spells and buildings to aid your troops or as an extra defense.

What are some of your favorite games?

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