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Solving Fun Shares

Welcome to Solving Fun Shares!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We are excited to share our expertise in games, education, parenting and other crazy things that pop up in daily life. Many people have asked us how we decided to walk away from the typical day-to-day careers to create and solve puzzles all day. Before we start sharing ideas, here’s our story:

The founders of Solving Fun, Marcy Tivol and Hillary Miller, met 5 years before starting their business together, when Hillary was the principal at Marcy’s kids’ elementary school in Palo Alto, California. After many conversations about how to meet kids’ needs and get them excited about twisting their brains, learning, and going to school; Marcy and Hillary decided to work together to create opportunities for kids to do just that. In February 2020, Solving Fun was born somewhere in the spaces between Marcy’s kitchen table and the meeting rooms at Palo Alto’s Public Library.

Solving Fun focuses on creating puzzles, activities, and games targeted on perseverance and creative problem solving for kids. Solving Fun was created with the deep belief that joyful challenges lead to engaged learning. While the puzzles aren’t all your typical Sudoku or Crossword style, there are a few of those mixed in.

The founders also created several “Puzzle Pals” to help make real the social emotional challenges that come along with learning and persevering during challenges. With names like Sue Doku, Al Gebra, Ana Gram, and Lexi Con, these characters bring fun to solving even the most difficult task.

Spend a few minutes on, and you can tell that their passion is making solving (and learning) FUN.

See a recent write-up about Solving Fun in the WordPlay Section of the New York Times!

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Which Puzzle Pal can your solver identify most with? Who is their favorite?

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