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Al Gebra


Al comes across as too cool, but he's soft on the inside.

Interests: Music, math, fashion

Strengths: Math, logic 

Challenges: Reading, spelling

Birthday: November 23

Cal Culator

Cal loves everything Math. Pals are drawn to him for his quirky sense of humor and his thoughtfulness.

Interests: Numbers, logic puzzles, card games, memorizing the digits in Pi.

Strengths: Math, rational thinking

Challenges: Drawing

Birthday: March 14


Ana Gram

Ana is a bit of a book worm and an introvert. She has a huge heart.

Interests: Animals, reading, Greek Mythology, and basketball

Strengths: Verbal skills & linguistics 

Challenges: Keeping numbers still on the page when she sees them

Birthday: May 9


Chris Cross

Chris is thoughtful and helpful. Everyone wants to be his friend.

Interests: Travel & geography, Board/card games, space, chess

Strengths: Spelling 

Challenges: Algebra

Birthday: December 21


Antony M.

Antony is a rebellious younger brother. He's as loyal as they come.

Interests: Building, playing

Strengths: Quick wit, high energy,


Challenges: Self-control 

Birthday: January 25


Ken Ken

Ken has a fiery temper and a sarcastic sense of humor. Don't get on his bad side.

Interests: Anything with an academic  challenge, solving puzzles, and arts and crafts

Strengths: Math, logic, quick thinking 

Challenges: Short fuse

Birthday: March 13

Interests: Spelling Bees

Strengths: Eager to learn, strong writing skills, spelling

Challenges: Letting others be the leader

Birthday: October 16


Lexi Con

Lexi is young and competitive. Don't let her size fool you. She's a wealth of knowledge.


Mae Z.

Mae is a quiet thinker. She likes to wander around on her own and try new things. 

Interests: Art, nature, sewing

Strengths: Friendly, creative

Challenges: Afraid to speak up. She gets lost a lot. 

Birthday: May 6

Mo is creative and artistic with a passion for industrial design. 

Interests: Art, theater, engineering

Strengths: Math, drawing, sense of humor

Challenges: Patience

Birthday: May 3


Mo Zaic

Pat Tern

Pat is goofy and fun-loving. They love to play party games with their pals and are usually the center of attention.

Interests: Games, art, pop-culture

Strengths: Design, confidence

Challenges: Patience, staying focused on one idea at a time.

Birthday: January 22


Phil N. Theblank

Phil loves biking, flag football, and anything outdoors.

Interests: Sports, trivia contests, history

Strengths: Memory, well-roundedness

Challenges: Focuses on the details so much, he misses the big picture.

Birthday: May 24


Sue Doku

Sue loves to accessorize. She always participates and is a best friend to everyone.

Interests: Baking, fashion

Strengths: Numbers, organization

Challenges: Perfectionism

Birthday: September 9

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