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How hard are the puzzles?

Puzzles are different levels of difficulty. Help each other and be kind as you solve. Have fun!


What if I get stuck?

Try to persevere through the challenges first. If you get really stuck, feel free to find our hints page or reach out to us with any questions. 


What age is this for?

This puzzle hunt is open to every member of our community! If done in groups, these puzzles can be fun for people at any age. 


How do I get the puzzles?

You can view/download/print from or visit Mountain View Community Center to get a printed packet.


Can I solve with friends?

Absolutely! These puzzles are designed to solve with other people. Do them with family, friends, or join in with someone you meet along the way.


What will I need to solve the puzzles?

All of the puzzles can be downloaded and printed out or picked up at the Mountain View Community Center. You will likely need a pencil(s). Ask friends/family for help and/or feel free to use the internet to search for information to help solve the puzzles. 

Where can I find the answers to the puzzles?

This is a contest! Answers will not be available until after the winners have been notified. Feel free to check our hints page if you're stuck. And email us after the hunt if you still need answers.


How do I get to the locations?

You can walk, bike, or drive. The Solving Fun Puzzle Pals tried to find locations that are easy to access. 

How do I enter to win prizes? 

You can enter the final answer on Prizes will be awarded after the Puzzle Hunt ends.

Where can I find more puzzle hunts?

We'd love to create a puzzle hunt for your community, corporate events, celebrations, or however you see fit. Please email us for more information at

How long will the clues be up?

If you just started, don't worry. The puzzles, hints, and clues will be up until June 15, 2024.

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We hope you love our Palo Alto Puzzle Hunt. If you are having fun solving, check out our other puzzle products or email us to create a custom hunt for you. 
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