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El Segundo Puzzle Hunt

Welcome to the 2023

NOVEMBER 4-12, 2023


Community Finding Answers Together

The Solving Fun Puzzle Pals have been busy creating puzzles for this special hunt in El Segundo! They’re excited for the community to explore many of the wonderful sites the city has to offer. 


The El Segundo Puzzle Hunt includes 7 puzzles plus a final meta puzzle to celebrate STEM. It’s free and filled with puzzles for you and your family and friends to solve together. Try one or do them all. Each puzzle will lead to a different location in El Segundo. Solve the puzzles and go to their locations to find clues for a final answer. Happy solving!

Join the El Segundo Puzzle Hunt. It's FREE and there's no registration required.
If you'd like updates about the hunt, feel free to sign up below.

Thank you for signing up for updates!!

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Enter Puzzle Answers to Win

What is a Puzzle Hunt?

Scavenger Hunt + Puzzles 

  • Collaborate with friends and family to solve puzzles.

  • Filled with a variety of wordplay, logic, math, reasoning, and creative thinking. 

  • Find clues by solving puzzles.

  • Clues lead to locations (in person or virtual).

  • Put together clues and solve a meta puzzle for final answer(s).

Sample puzzles from other hunts


"I had so much fun playing this game with the kids (6 & 3). Kids seems very into this activity as well and biked/walked to find all the clues. I hope this event can come back annually!!!

- Bilson C.

What People are Saying

"Nice harmony with puzzles whose story hinted at the answer without spoiling the puzzle, or pinned down the precise site at a large location." 

-Lia A.

"The puzzle hunt was really fun! The puzzles were fun to solve, and the hunt was a great weekend activity that encouraged exercise (I biked to all of the locations). I've been living in Palo Alto for several years now, and the puzzle hunt introduced me to some places I hadn't been to before. I would definitely do a hunt like this again in the future."

- Aliyeh M.

"We loved it and so much fun, unfortunately my 10 year old son and I ran out of time (and daylight) but still plan to finish it even after the deadline." 

- Amy M.

"Solving the puzzles is really challenging, but it's also very exciting every time after I found the answer. Thank you!"

- Ningwei L.

"This was incredible! It must have taken so much work to put this all together. I love puzzles, and I'm so impressed with the quality and creativity. Thank you so much for doing this! It was truly amazing!"

- Kevin M.

"Did this with my middle schooler, had fun solving the puzzles and getting out to explore -- thanks for putting it together!"

- Meenah H.

"This was a great event! We biked all over the city and even found a few new spots, even though we've lived here for ten years."

- Lucas P.

"This was so much fun. We went to all the places as a family and it was great to explore and spend our weekends together puzzling!"

- Judy H.


Interested in bringing a Puzzle Hunt to your community or business? All puzzle hunts are custom created. Please email us to discuss your needs or for a quote

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