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Intro to Solving

We created this detailed guide to support you in how to use Solving Fun materials including puzzle packs, activity books, physical activities, and others. 


We strive to create items that:

• Reinforce the love of learning.
• Have appropriate and differentiated levels of challenges.
• Incorporate academic content. 
• Encourage social emotional growth and opportunities to learn.
• Have no time limit to allow solvers to experience perseverance through challenges.
• Emphasize the importance of brainstorming and creative problem solving.


Solving Fun materials can be used by anyone who enjoys a challenge. We create all our products to support different learners, and label the products based on approximate developmental age ranges, but these may vary depending on the individual’s ability. Puzzle packs, physical activity sets, and books go with their own facilitator guide with specifics about the difficulty, time expectation, grouping recommendations and hints for each puzzle

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Asset 35.png
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Asset 35.png
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Asset 35.png
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