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National Puzzle Day: Celebrating our Favorites!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Everyday is “National Puzzle Day” at Solving Fun, but today (January 29) is officially the 25th annual celebration, so we are excited to celebrate with all of you!

Over the past year, jigsaw puzzles have made a serious comeback as a great activity for when you have extra time at home. There are so many other puzzles that are just as entertaining (I would argue more entertaining!) and can be done alone or with family/friends. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jigsaws - Yes, I do love them. All sizes are great, though I typically buy 1000 piece puzzles. For me, it’s all about the satisfaction of finding the right piece. I also love the creative images puzzle makers put on them. We, at Solving Fun, love them so much that we wrote a blog post with our favorite jigsaw puzzles for kids and adults.

Logic - There are so many wonderful Japanese logic puzzles. Everything from Sudoku to my personal favorite Nanograms. Such a variety of interesting ways to connect paths or put numbers in grids to follow different rule requirements. If you’re up for the challenge, I recommend “Cave Puzzles” by Roger Barkan. For kids that love to think logically, but don’t necessarily love to write, there’s “Sticker Sudoku” where you fill in the grid with symbols on stickers. Slitherlink, Tents, Circuits, Bridges, and so many others. See what you can find and let us know your favorites.

Crossword - I especially love solving crosswords with friends and family. I love the NYT Sunday puzzle and try not to miss a week. They also have other fun games, I recommend “Spelling Bee” if you haven’t tried it. There are 7 letters and you try to come up with as many words as you can using them.

Creative Thinking - There are so many other fun ways to twist your brain, word games, picture rebuses, math puzzles, and more. I recommend finding the ones you enjoy and trying the ones you’ve never tried before. There are several pages of free puzzles posted on our homepage (this week only) in honor of National Puzzle Day. (Update: These downloadable puzzles have been added to Solving Fun Products page for $3)

What are your favorites? Please like, comment, and share with other puzzle lovers!

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