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4 Ways to Make a Family Walk More Fun

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Within a few weeks of being inside due to the pandemic, my family desperately needed to get outside and do more physical activity. We decided to begin walking together. It quickly became our daily ritual to lace up and take a stroll every evening. That being said, we quickly got tired of our neighborhood and walking the same paths. As a game-playing family, the most logical thing for us was to play games as we walked. Here are some of our favorites. Of course….I also recommend switching up your path if you can!

Play Ghost-- This is a classic from when we were kids. Take turns saying a letter. If the letter you add forms a word, you get a third of a ghost. If you get three thirds you’re out. The person that gets the third, starts the next word. If you can’t think of a new letter to add without forming a word, you can challenge the player before you. If they can’t think of an actual word the letters already said would create, they get the third of the ghost. We eliminate the scoring part and play until we get bored and then switch games.

1,2,3-- Two people start. They each think of their own word. Out loud, they say, 1, 2, 3 and then the word they were thinking of. If the words match, they are psychic and clearly have been living under the same roof for a while. If they don’t, more likely, they then do it again to try to match. If they use the two words to come up with something they have in common, it’s helpful to get to a match. Keep going until the two words match.

Song guessing game-- This has become a family favorite of ours. Someone says a letter of the alphabet and thinks of a song title that starts with that letter. The other people guess by singing other songs that start with the letter. If the person can’t guess the songs, they must reveal the next letter of their song. Keep going until their song is figured out. I personally can’t sing well, so a lot of times I hum or if I get desperate, I’ll ask my kids to sing my songs for me. We end up laughing a lot along the way and I’m sure our neighborhood is laughing with us.

Scavenger hunt-- Make a list of clues or things to find along the way. Try finding 10 things that start with the letter B. Look for something that rhymes with ____. Count the green cars. Be creative and have fun.

What bird is an anagram of MGHIBUMNRD?

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Unknown member
Jan 26, 2021

I think the anagrammed bird is HUMMINGBIRD.


Leah Telyaz
Leah Telyaz
Dec 23, 2020

I love these games! Some other really great games are Who Am I, someone picks a person, famous or not, and the other people can only guess yes or no questions, like are you famous or are you a woman, but you can't ask are you a singer or an actor - yes or no only. You play until somebody gets the person and whoever gets it goes next. There's also another game I forgot the name of but it goes like this: You pick a 3-digit number, no repeats or zero in the beginning, so you can't do 113, or 056 <---- that goes for anything with the same numbers and zero at the beginning, not just this. Anyway,…

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