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Halloween Treats That are Good for Your Teeth

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Actual conversation I had with myself last Thursday, “AGH - it’s October! How is it already October?! What is my family doing for Halloween? It’s still several weeks away - no need to panic, Mama! Deep breaths...I’ve got this…”

Along with most celebrations these days, Halloween will look different this year. Typically, my kids head out in our neighborhood with a crowd of friends and spend the next couple of hours gushing over each others’ costumes, laughing, and knocking on doors as they fill up their bags with candy. This year, that’s not going to happen. I’ve been thinking about fun alternatives to trick or treating that we can try so that we can still connect and celebrate with friends and family.

Here’s my plan:

  • We are still going to dress up; all of us...even our dog AND our teenager! The costumes may not be as extravagant as in years past, but we are still going to put on those costumes, celebrate, and be silly.

  • We are going to eat “spooky” foods. I’ve found some amazing ideas on Red Tricycles recent post “Tasty Halloween Themed Dinner Ideas That Kids Will Love”, and it’s going to be so funny when I set them on the dinner table!

  • We will have fun playing games, having a Halloween-themed dance party, carving a pumpkin, and/or trying our hands at a couple of the super cool “Ghostly Science Experiments” from Lemon Lime Adventures. I hope these activities include a friends or family connection online. Reminder to myself: Invite others to join us via Zoom or Meets!

  • We are going to share treats with others. I’m going to create individually packaged “ghost bags” and, as a family, we will drop them off at the doorsteps of kids we know...close neighbors, friends, and family. I’m so glad Halloween is on a Saturday this year! We can go together to “Ghost” people we care about! The plan is to add a mixture of the following:

    • A couple of sweet treats (fruit strips, candy, apple cider, etc)

    • One of the free printable Halloween-themed kids’ puzzle pages from Solving Fun (posted for the month of October)

    • Trick-or-treating sized mini Play-doh in Halloween colors

    • Mini notebook, pencil, skeleton eraser to create their own puzzles and sketches

    • And of course there will be a few silly stickers or tattoos!

Regardless of what happens - it’s going to be memorable! My husband and kids think I’m nuts, but I just don’t want to give up Halloween! Celebrations are important. They keep us connected to each other and the things we love about life. Folks have gotten pretty creative with lots of celebrations and events over the last year - I can do it, too. Not going to panic! Deep breaths...I’ve got this...Time to get creative!

Question? What is your family doing to celebrate Halloween this year?


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