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Books That Make Great Gifts for Kids

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I just visited our local bookstore for the first time since before COVID closed everything down in March. Wow, it was overwhelming! There were so many books that I wanted to buy. With winter break approaching, I know it will be nice for the kids to have some books to read and things to do that aren’t on screens, so the bookstore seemed like a good place to try. Unfortunately, there were so many choices I couldn’t make a decision, so I took some photos of books that looked interesting and left. I’ll check them out with the kids and will figure it out soon. I did, though, leave the store with three new jigsaw puzzles and will dig into those while we think about which books to buy! ;)

I’m fortunate that my kids love to read, but they’re super picky, and it’s important to have books they enjoy, not just the ones others choose for them. After my visit to the bookstore, I decided to put together a list of favorites in hopes that it would help you have a starting point when you go.


The Second Book in the Odd 1s Out Series - Hilarious YouTube artist and storyteller, James Rallison, shares ups and downs of growing up.

130 Story Treehouse Series - This was originally the 17 Story Treehouse but adds 13 stories with each new book in the series. It is filled with slapstick humor - next in the series arrives in April 2021!