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7 Fun Art & Drawing Games That Don’t Require Drawing Skills

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I received a lot of feedback after my post “10 Family Games to Add to Your Collection” and decided to be more specific and share my favorite art and drawing games. These types of games are good for creative thinking and collaboration, plus they’re just a lot of fun to play in groups. My family enjoys them and they’re wonderful for kids and adults. (Listed in alphabetical order.)

Concept is one of my favorite creative thinking party guessing games. You don’t need any artistic ability, but it does require using a creative part of your brain. Players work as pairs to give clues to the rest of the group by putting colored cubes on icons. The board is very well designed with lots of neat images to choose from for clues. Players must think-it-through and work together to figure it out. There is a wide variety of difficulty levels in the words players clue - so it’s fun for all ages. I’ve recommended this game to lots of friends and they all give rave reviews. Recommended on the box: ages 4+, #of players 4-12