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4 Creative Cooking Projects with Kids

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

After working on Solving Fun’s Cupcake Puzzle Pack and creating baking themed puzzles to solve, we were inspired to try the actual recipe from the puzzles. Even though we don’t recommend trying them for their taste, we did have a lot of fun and recommend you trying something new in the kitchen! Below are some more fun ideas that celebrate creativity and the process of experimenting.

Hamburger Cookies Recipe from Tablespoon A friend of mine shared this idea with me years ago and I think it’s brilliant. We’ve made these for several last-minute birthday treats for the kids at school and they’re a huge hit. They are also fun for 4th of July parties and cookie exchanges. About as easy as it can get and sure to impress with the creativity that went into making them!

Baked Potato Cakes If you have ever watched “Kids Baking Championship” on Food Network, you will have seen the dessert imposter challenges. It’s where they make sweet desserts that fool you into thinking they are a savory item. We decided to try this on our own after being inspired by a baked potato bar. They were super fun to make and a delicious "side" dish at our last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Replace the potato with white/yellow cake and the traditional toppings with candy versions and be sure to top with whipped cream to look like sour cream. I especially liked the grated apricots instead of cheddar cheese!

Colored Pancake Art. No artistic experience required, just a lot of food coloring and willingness to be silly! Make your regular pancake batter and add a little extra liquid to make it slightly runnier. Mix in your favorite colors with food coloring. Pour each colored pancake batter into a squeezy bottle. Then create your pancake masterpieces. Squeeze out the batter into shapes and patterns. Flip as usual. Great fun for any age!

Monster Apples My neighbor is an excellent baker (we’re lucky to have her next door for a lot of reasons). When my kids were younger, she graciously invited them over to bake together. She put together some recipes for them to try that were kid friendly and tasted great. Here’s one of their favorites. As you can see, they aren’t complicated: sliced apples, peanut butter, a slice of strawberry, candy eyes. Really fun and make for a perfect healthy snack.

What should we try next? Would love your ideas either in the comments below or email us at!

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