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How to Play

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How it Works

The hunt kicks-off June 15, 2024! Puzzles will be available to download and print by going to

With a group of friends or family, solve the puzzles at your own pace. Enter the puzzle answers on Each individual puzzle will lead you to a park in Fairfax County where you will find a clue. When you get to the park, look for a sign with bold letters/numbers on it (sample below). These are clues for the final puzzles. The signs will not be hidden or buried and are on public land within Fairfax County. You will not need to damage anything to find them. Write down the clue you need and leave the signs for future solvers. Put together the clues found at each location and figure out the final answer. Submit the final answer for a chance to win a prize!

Safety Reminders

The Solving Fun Puzzle Pals and Fairfax County want all of our community members to be safe and have fun. Be mindful of all laws and safety regulations as you explore our city. Clues are posted in visible areas and on public property. If you experience an emergency, call 911.


When you've completed the puzzles and figured out the final answer, you can submit them for a drawing for prizes. In order to submit your entry, fill out the form here on or before September 1, 2024. It is free to enter. One entry per person. All winners will be notified after September 15, 2024.

Fairfax County Map
We hope you love our Palo Alto Puzzle Hunt. If you are having fun solving, check out our other puzzle products or email us to create a custom hunt for you. 
How to Play
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