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Custom Puzzling

Created just for you

Solving Fun is excited to provide custom puzzling products and activities for any size organization. They are filled with creative thinking, mystery, and unique puzzles; sure to make everyone laugh, twist their brains, and have fun as they solve! Explore options below to find one that best meets your needs or let us create something unique just for you.


  • Great for corporations, schools, non-profits, museums, community centers, and others 

  • Books, games, puzzle hunts, and so much more

  • Price varies depending on need and structure

Puzzle Products


Fully customized puzzles based on your theme, target age, and needs. Puzzles can be in book format, posters, ringed sets, and others.


Puzzle Hunts


We love to create puzzle hunts for communities and organizations. They bring people together in a fun and unique way to collaborate and use creative thinking. Puzzle hunts are inclusive, customizable for any age and all kinds of groups. Puzzle hunts can range from a few hours to sets of puzzles that solvers work on over a series of weeks.



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Custom puzzle creation: Hands-on, interactive puzzles created by Solving Fun. Puzzles are created to solve collaboratively in small groups. Can be scaled to meet your group size needs.

Perfect for:

  • A creative thinking field day

  • Admissions activities

  • School STEM night 

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Organizations We've Worked With

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Yes, absolutely! Whether you're looking to promote bike safety, a holiday, health and wellness, STEM, or you name it, we can create a custom puzzle products your solvers will love.

My organization is looking for a unique product to promote specific content. Would this work?

My guests have a wide range of skill levels, can you accommodate this?

Yes! Puzzles are meant to be solved together. Everyone brings a different perspective and skill set, no matter their level of  experience. With our facilitation, we have a great deal of experience of providing appropriate hints along the way.

How far in advance do I need to have these created?

We'd love to accommodate you. Please email us so we can discuss your project.

Please email us to discuss your needs.

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