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Get ready for the holiday season! Order today!
Check out our Puzzle Pal ADVENTure 


Solving Fun puzzle pals loved creating this new ADVENTure for you. It's filled with logic, wordplay, creative thinking, and more. Solve a puzzle a day and put the clues together for a final answer. Receive the set in your mail or download them online. Fun for your family to do together! Recommended ages 8+

Printed Set of Cards - $12.25 FREE SHIPPING 

  • 25 printed 2.5"x3.5" card set

  • can be combined with Pal Pack Game cards for extended play

  • a puzzle a day for the ADVENT season

  • makes a perfect gift for the holiday!

Online downloadable PDF - $9.99

  • PDF of all puzzles to download and solve

  • easy to access, emailed at purchase

  • a puzzle a day for the ADVENT season

  • Collaborate with friends and family to solve puzzles.

  • Filled with a variety of wordplay, logic, math, reasoning, and creative thinking. 

  • Put together clues and solve a meta puzzle for final answer(s).

"Both of my kids (ages 6 and 13) had fun doing one of these puzzles every day during the holiday season."

What People are Saying

"The puzzles were fun to solve. We had fun doing these puzzles each morning at breakfast during advent."

"Loved this, it was so much fun. I especially liked finding the answer to the riddle hidden in the clues. KenKen is my favorite."

"We would love to make this a tradition!"

"I had so much fun doing the puzzles with my kids. We love doing the Sudokus."


If you email us at, we'll send you an answer key. Be sure to include your name and email that you purchased with so we can verify.

How do I know if my answers are correct?

How long does each card take to solve?

Puzzles vary in length and challenge level. Time depends on experience. We expect puzzles to take 3-5 minutes a piece.

How religious are the puzzles?

All puzzles are holiday themed, but do not include religious references. 

Please email us with any other questions and/or feedback. We love to hear from our solvers.

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