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Read what people are saying about Solving Fun!


“This was one of the best activities our family has participated in. I am eternally grateful for City of Palo Alto and Solving Fun for helping us get our two teenage daughters off screens and outside. We solved the puzzles together and we biked to the parks to find the clues together. Thanks for giving us a very enjoyable month of family weekend activities. I am quite sad that it came to an end and will look forward to next year's edition!”     -Wen

“I had a terrific time puzzling with my family! I realize this is targeted at kids, but we adults had a blast! The hunt got us up and moving and helped us appreciate Palo Alto in new ways. Thank you so much!!” - Julia

“Thank you sooooooo very much for organizing this. We enjoyed this event as a family and each of us worked on it. We biked to every single park (except Byxbee) and that really helped us discover Palo Alto like we never knew before. Since we also biked and walked we got a chance to talk to many people in the neighborhood who often wondered what we were up to :). That facilitated so many lovely conversations with our wonderful residents. It was truly a community building exercise. This is the best thing a city has ever done. And the puzzles were crafted so brilliantly that the joy of solving each was immense. We looked forward to receiving puzzles every week. Kudos to Solving Fun and our lovely Palo Alto city!! All of us really look forward to more of these. You are all awesome” - B Nell

“We thoroughly enjoyed the entire hunt, especially how the final puzzle tied everything together. The moment I figured out "under large turtle" by applying week 1, 2, 3's final answers to "over glare purple" I felt like a genius. The earlier puzzles were approachable too, giving us just the right amount of challenge. We can't wait to join the next puzzle hunt!” - Yue and Qing

“What a fantastic idea! This is my favorite activity so far ever of having lived in the area for over 10 years. I wish it was around earlier! Well done.” - April


"These games are great for all kids. They keep kids engaged in thinking - and off screens!" 

We're excited to be chosen for Tiny Bean's holiday gift guide

Tiny Beans

"My son had the pleasure to game test these and continues to enjoy them. Super fun puzzle packs. Great while you're trapped at home to get your kids brains going in a super fun way."

"With school being a bit iffy this kind of fun learning can really be helpful."

"Thanks for the session! My daughter had a ball. Adult puzzles have been too hard in the past."

"Solving fun is exactly what the name implies, a fun way to learn and or teach problem solving skills across a myriad of subjects: math, science, reading comprehension, history and more. It makes learning and applying that learning FUN!"


"I loved the greater than less than puzzles. It made me feel like a math expert. That was so fun!" --Brooke

"Did time just fast forward?" 
-- Mattias



Palo Verde Elementary 5th Grade

"Solving Fun has created a safe environment for all learners to do hard work. Their puzzles are fun, creative, challenging, and accessible. The language they use to encourage all learners inspires students to think critically throughout the time that they are with Hillary and Marcy, as well as when they are working outside of the Solving Fun sessions. Their approach with students is to encourage perseverance, resilience, and to embrace trial and error. They teach the kids how to be supportive of each other in their sessions as well. I have been so grateful for Solving Fun for being willing to see past the challenges of teaching puzzling in a pandemic as well as encouraging students to be their own personal best."

-- Jenn, 5th grade teacher

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"My students loved our sessions with Solving Fun. Hillary and Marcy met my students at their just-right level academically and it was great to watch my students have fun growing their literacy and numeracy skills through puzzle solving and games. Even more impressive, was watching them grow as teammates and collaborators. Solving Fun is a great addition to any math, literacy, or social-emotional learning classroom!"

-- Alexandra, elementary teacher

San Mateo, CA

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Palo Verde Elementary 3rd Grade

"We were lucky to have Solving Fun time during online learning each week.  My students were totally engaged in the problem solving fun.  They challenged themselves, were willing to try new things and take risks with their thinking and had lots of fun engaging in the different activities.  They always looked forward to trying the new puzzles, games and activities."

--Teri, 3rd grade teacher

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Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School Connections Program

"Solving fun is exactly what the name implies, a fun way to learn and or teach problem solving skills across a myriad of subjects: math, science, reading comprehension, history and more. It makes learning and applying that learning FUN!"

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