Puzzle Packs 

Not your typical paper and pencil puzzles! These packs are perfect gifts for your favorite solver. They have 8-20 puzzles inside that are engaging, hands on, and all revolve around a theme.


Crayon Puzzle Pack

Wonderful for younger solvers. Paper puzzles are designed to look like crayons. Solve the eight crayon puzzles to get clues to the final answer. Each "crayon" has a different puzzle with a range of content and skill levels.

Ages 7+


Beach Puzzle Pack


This wonderful puzzle pack is great for all ages. It comes in an actual beach pail filled with objects that each have a unique puzzle. It includes a range of beach themed content and varied skills. Contents include real sunglasses, beverage cup, shovel, shells and more. Paper puzzles in the shapes of starfish, sand dollars, flip flops and more add to the solving fun.

Ages 8+


Cupcake Puzzle Pack

Our Cupcake Puzzle Pack is set up like a real baking kit. 

This puzzle pack is perfect for your favorite solver who also loves to bake! It has more than 15 puzzles, and is set up like a real baking kit. Solvers begin by carefully reading the recipe, exploring the ingredients, and then working to put them together to the final product: six cupcakes with different cake flavors, frostings, toppings, and decorations, for our pals.

Ages 10+



Large Group Puzzle Packs

These are the most in depth sets that Solving Fun makes. They involve a number of puzzles that solvers must figure out before finding the answer to the final puzzle. For example, our backpack engages solvers through a series of puzzles embedded inside a backpack that has been found and needs to be returned to its owner. These packs come with hours of puzzles. Perfect for engaging solvers in classrooms and small group settings. Some adult facilitation recommended. Sample photos below. 


Ages 9+