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Community Finding Answers Together

Puzzle Hunts!


“I think the experience was extremely valuable in not only team building, but working together to find answers. It was just an amazing opportunity for the team to work together. I really left feeling more energized about the work I do and how I approach certain product issues.” - Troy M.

"This was truly wonderful (and challenging) and we loved how you used old clues to make new ones. Please repeat. My husband says I lost three weeks sleep over it."

-MeiMei P.

"The puzzles were exquisitely crafted. I never thought that a puzzle could go two ways in a snail, shaped in the same structure as an art piece. The subtle clues about the location of the answers was brilliant. Kudos for creating such a beautiful hunt!" - KD

• Sudoku Mats
• Small group games
• Marketing flyer
• Co-facilitated by Solving Fun founders

Kid Puzzle Party

What's included?

Host a 1-2 hour event at your location for small groups of kids ages 7-12

Bay Area only for in-person.

Virtual available for other locations.


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Mini Puzzle Hunt

•A few hours to two weeks of puzzles
•Hosted on for solvers to   return to at their own timeframe
•Marketing flyer created by Solving Fun
•Prize options for week-long hunts

Fun community building event for groups to solve together.



Puzzle Hunt

•3-4 weeks of puzzles (20-30)
•Hosted on for solvers to    download for month of the hunt
•Hint, contact, and information pages included on     puzzle site
•Marketing materials created by Solving Fun    (handouts, banners, ads)
• Co-facilitated by Solving Fun founders

Puzzle hunt for larger organizations or cities. Solve puzzles to find clues placed around your community.



Team Building

• Great for corporations, schools, non-profits, museums, community centers, and other groups

• Custom created puzzle kits to solve together
• Hands on printed materials and packaging or downloadable hunt
• Price dependent on complexity and quantity

Custom hunt created and designed specifically for your organization.

Email for a quote

Sponsorship Options

Looking to get your puzzle hunt sponsored? Contact us for ideas!

Our puzzle hunts are custom created. 
Please email us to discuss your needs.

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