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8 Great Social Games to Play Virtually

I am going to miss sitting around our family’s table playing games with my husband and kids, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews this holiday season. Not being able to travel doesn’t mean the whole family can’t have fun together, though! We'd rather be in person, but we've enjoyed still being able to connect with friends and family in different parts of the country online. We love not to have to give up on our game nights. Here are a few of our favorites that work really well virtually. Our family has copies of each of the games listed in this post to use as a basis for online playing. There are different ways to adapt to play virtually; here is how we do it:


How to Play: Everyone uses their own device to sign in to to type in clues. One person is guessing and everyone else gives a clue for that word. If two people’s clue match, the common word gets eliminated and the person guessing has fewer clues to find the final word. The more people in the game, the better.


How to Play: is a party-style game where players have a grid full of words and are trying to get their teammates to guess the words by giving only one-word clues. Players don't want their partners to guess opponents' words, only the words on their team. To play online, you can use a spreadsheet to fill in words or images. Or if you're feeling really creative, take items and place them in a grid. Share a photo of it virtually.