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Brain-twisting Fun for Your Class!

​Solving Fun is committed to finding the best ways to engage children in learning activities, games, and puzzles that encourage creative problem solving and perseverance. We offer interactive solving sessions filled with an exploration of creative problem solving, logical reasoning, and verbal thinking. We’d love to solve with you!


Our curriculum is focused on Math and Language Arts Common Core Standards, along with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills and Standards for Mathematical Practice that help to build well-rounded kids who know how to think creatively and support their peers.

​Solving Fun Learning Curriculum is a course where students participate in four interactive sessions 
integrated with the day-to-day classroom activities.

• Incorporates grade level standards in math and language arts, as well as social emotional learning based on the CASEL framework


• Solving Fun curriculum is created by experts in education and game design


• Sessions are facilitated by Solving Fun Puzzle Masters in collaboration with the classroom teacher

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What is it?

Each classroom will receive the following: 


• Four - 30 minute whole class virtual sessions


• Solving Fun Facilitator’s Guide 


• Meeting with puzzle facilitator and teacher to support implementation and development

What's included?

What's included?

​What ages is it for?
We recommend grades 3-6.


What are people saying?
This is amazing for my classroom. The kids are developing creative thinking and problem solving skills in a positive and engaging way.

Who leads the sessions?

All sessions are facilitated by a credentialed educator. Our goal is to model how to run future sessions for your classroom.

Do you have puzzles for my physical classroom?

Check out Solving Fun interactive solving kits for kids that are learning in person to use individually or in small groups.

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Solving Fun Puzzle Pals

Only $799

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