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Spoiler alert: We think part of the fun in solving puzzles is figuring out what to do. We hope you are enjoying the struggle before reaching out for hints. If you're still stuck, hints are listed for each puzzle below, read only as you wish.
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Puzzle 1

  • Try doing the ones you know first.
  • All items are plural.
  • You may think number 16 is super cheesy.
  • Number 5 comes with different toppings.

Puzzle 2


Puzzle 2

  • Start with the 4x4 puzzles.
  • Notice the top rows.
  • What letter is in each veggie's block?
    • Use the theme of the puzzle to find the clue's specific location.

Puzzle 3

  • Each picture rebus gives the name of a sea creature.
  • Write out what each picture rebus is before filling in the grid.
  • Notice the lengths of each word to fill in the grid.
  • The park has a sea creature on the playground.
  • Use the theme of the puzzle to find the clue's specific location.

Puzzle 4

  • Many jerseys look alike - be careful.
  • You can use the internet if needed.
  • Notice the numbers on the jerseys.
  • Circle the corresponding letter for each jersey.

Puzzle 5

  • Match the words on the left side of the ping pong table with the right side.
  • Notice the clues below to help you with the words and the order to put the missing letters in.
  • Use the theme of the puzzle to find the clue's specific location.
It's not too late to join in the fun! If you have friends you think would enjoy this Puzzle Hunt, please share!

Puzzle 6

  • First - we know Pluto is no longer considered a planet. It is in the model, though. :-) 
  • Cut out the planets.
  • Put the planets in order from the sun.
  • Use a hole punch for the dotted circles.
  • Align planets on top of each other to reveal the answer.

Puzzle 7

  • Do you know the rules of lawn bowling? Feel free to look them up.
  • Notice one ball of each color in each green doesn't match the others.
  • Which one is closest to the jack?
  • Fill in the corresponding colored balls for the answer at the bottom.

Puzzle 8

  • Cut out the "cardboard box"
  • Slide the box down the slide from top to bottom.
  • Notice the colors aligning.
  • Do you see any letters formed as you slide?
We hope you love our Palo Alto Puzzle Hunt. If you are having fun solving, check out our other puzzle products. 
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