Spoiler alert: Hints listed for each puzzle below, read only as you wish.
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Puzzle 1

  • Pez: Fill in the character names into the Pez candies below each. 
  • Think about why those characters were chosen and placed in that order. 
  • See's: Watch the short video for how to solve a "Fill in the Blank Puzzle". 
  • Remember: you may use the internet to search!

Puzzle 2

  • Look up the flags to figure out which countries they are. 
  • Find the languages of those countries. 
  • Notice the translation in the first column are all the same words. 
  • Do the same for the second column.

Puzzle 3

  • Watch this short video for how to solve an Aquarium Puzzle

Puzzle 4

  • All the words on the badges are police themed, or related to what you would see in this park. 
  • All words start in top left of each badge.

Puzzle 5

  • Identify the different tree types and fill them in the blanks below. 
  • Use the number of each item to figure out which letter to use. For example, there are five avocados. Use the fifth letter in avocado (A).
  • Avocado, holly, lemon, magnolia, maple, persimmon, pine, sweetgum, oak, ginko
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Puzzle 6


Puzzle 7

  • The missing words are all parts of a bike and related equipment.
  • Complete the ones you know first. 
  • The clue will be placed at this intersection. Please be safe when crossing the street!
  • After you identify the images, put the green letters in the boxes that match the pictures.
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