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Puzzle 1

  • Each symbol matches a letter.
  • The items from the farmers market go on the helmets. 
  • Use those letters to complete the answer at the bottom of the page by matching up the symbols.
Spoiler alert: We think part of the fun in solving puzzles is figuring out what to do. We hope you are enjoying the struggle before reaching out for hints. If you're still stuck, hints are listed for each puzzle below, read only as you wish.


Puzzle 2


Puzzle 2

  • Do you know the dog breeds?
  • How many bones does each have?

Puzzle 3

  • Find the names of the artists.
  • You can use the internet.
  • Be sure to look at the letters you didn't use.

Puzzle 4

  • Notice the street numbers.
  • Notice the street names.
  • Identify the objects in the stamps.

Puzzle 5

  • There is something different about these books.
  • Check the titles.
  • Turn the stack of books so that the names are right-side up.
It's not too late to join in the fun! If you have friends you think would enjoy this Puzzle Hunt, please share!

Puzzle 6

  • You need scissors.
  • Tennis rackets have to be restrung in a woven pattern. 
  • Once woven, you have to solve another puzzle. You may wish to tape it together, or copy to another sheet of paper to solve.

Puzzle 7

  • Use the directions on the second page of this puzzle. 
  • Notice the names of the puzzles written in the directions. Feel free to use internet if need more information.
  • The final answer is in wheel color order.

Puzzle 8

  • Start with what you know.
  • Solve back and forth in both directions to fill in the letters in the grid.
We hope you love our Palo Alto Puzzle Hunt. If you are having fun solving, check out our other puzzle products. 
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