Spoiler alert: Hints listed for each puzzle below, read only as you wish.
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Puzzle 1

  • Use the street signs to replace the letters "AVE".
  • Use the state of California images to replace the letters "CAL". 
  • Go to California Avenue in Palo Alto and look at the public art in the middle of the closed street.

Puzzle 2


Puzzle 2

  • Consecutive numbers are numbers in order. e.g. 1,2,3

Puzzle 3

  • Start by crossing off the letters in the column and row with the 0 (zero) on it. That leaves you with only one space for the aunt to go next to the grape juice. Continue from there.

Puzzle 4

  • Pay close attention to the colors! 
  • Top puzzle: start with purple flower. 
  • The orange flower is the state flower of California.

Puzzle 5

  • Names of pieces: Nighthawks, A Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, Delicate Tension Number 85, The Persistence of Memory, Two Moons, Waterlillies
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Puzzle 6

  • Start rolling on the bike lane from the tire's air valve. 
  • Do the front tire first, then the back tire.

Puzzle 7

  • To learn the names of the cookies, go here.
  • Not sure how to complete this logic puzzle? Watch a video example here

Puzzle 8

  • Try filling in the animals you know first, then complete the ones that are more challenging. 
  • Look at the number of letters in each word to help guess the names.

Puzzle 9

  • Start with the ones you know first and fill those into the grid. 
  • Look at the number of letters in each name to help guess. 
  • If needed, use the characters listed to search online.
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