Solving Fun is committed to finding the best ways to engage upper elementary aged children in learning activities, games, and puzzles that encourage creative problem solving and perseverance. We offer in person or online interactive solving 
sessions filled with an exploration of creative problem solving, logical reasoning, and verbal thinking. The Solving Fun Classroom Kits are built to provide that engagement for children time after time.

Whether you are looking for a way to engage a small group or an entire class, these kits vary by size and ability level, and are filled with activities that get kids thinking well outside the box! We'd love to solve with you! See below for more information about what is included in each kit.

*Discounted rates for educational institutions ordering multiple classroom kits. Contact for details.

Beach Puzzle Pack to be shipped

Solving Fun Classroom Kits

Creative Problem Solving in a Box

Sticker Sudoku Book
Pal Pack Cards
Activity Cubes

3rd - 6th Grade



3-5 solvers



5-10 solvers



20-25 solvers

Solving Fun Beack Puzzle Pack

30 MIN